How it Works

To get Started, You must do the following:

1. Create your buyer account by signing up here ==>

2. Verify your email by clicking the verification link sent to you.

3. Use your login details in the onlinestores to login in to your wallet here:

4. Fund your KC wallet with KC and ETH for gas fees.

5. Pay for your non-refundable access fee of $20 worth of KC which will trigger a free voucher worth $150 given to you as a customer.

6. Do your KYC Verification and get approved. Acceptable documents are:  (International Passport, Driver's License, Voters card, National Identity Card). Anyone government approved i.d card.

7. Upload a minimum of 3 different items for sale in the marketplace to be shipped within your state and at least 1 nearby state of your choice.

8. As soon as you have done step 1-7, you're qualified to shop with a free voucher worth $150.



Subsequently, after 30 days i:e every month, you only need to ensure that your listed items for sale in the marketplace are active (i.e not sold out) and renew your monthly non-refundable access fee for you to access our sites and shop freely over and over every other month for exclusive items at the KXM Online Stores





Participants that are Marketers, Networkers, Team-Leaders, Ground-Breakers, Team-Builders, Motivators or Social-Media Influencers, stand the chance to benefit more if they can PROGRESSIVELY grow a team of 150 persons - minimum (with at least 30 as direct referrals), within a time frame of 3 Months from their day of sign-up.

Your Monthly Shopping Limit will be upgraded to $500 for you to shop for exclusive items at the “KXM Online Stores”.

4 months from the day your shopping limit was upgraded, you will be given KC worth $15,000 to purchase a “KXM Branded Vehicle”. 

In addition, you will be granted $2000 worth of KC  monthly.  



Please take serious note of the following as KXM reserves the right and will not hesitate to terminate your BROADCASTER’s status without any prior notice.

- Registration of Fake, Ghost or Same Families/Households/Members is not permitted. However, if you must end poverty in the lives of Members of same Family/Household, they must be up and doing to ensure they carry on with the mandate by actively extending the “grass-root outreach” to others.

- When the pace of progress of an account does not commensurate with its magnitude, KXM will consider and regard such an account to being “fraudulent” and will thus be swiftly terminated, without any prior notice. This drive is basically geared towards increasing the general KXM population globally and not to make it static or revolving.

- Where KXM discovers an account to be fraudulent, the said account alongside all accounts that counted for the unlocking of that participants benefits, will be all Terminated without any prior notice.