About Us

We are a unified group of enthusiast burning and running with passion; who have decided to take a giant leap together by pulling in ideas, resources and wealth of experience in the Crypto-Currency, E-commerce, Socio Media and Advertising Niches, to take our vision of rescuing mankind from the clutches of poverty to the next level globally. 

Nowadays, the thought of doing without e-commerce, socio media, cryptocurrency and advertisement seems almost impossible, complicated and an inconvenience to many. As more and more people began doing business online, the social media niche growing exponentially in recent years, advertising becoming a blockbuster like never envisaged, the need to build a sustainable economy and ecosystem that has the concepts of transparency and empowerment at the core of its founding and guiding principles became apparent.

With the introduction of disruptive technologies like blockchain, laden with the potentiality to revolutionize the e-commerce eco-system in particular and other sectors in general. The advent of our Cryptographic Token based Multi-Vendor Online-Store, is not only to buttress the sustainability of the KXM Platform by creating a balanced economy where the major forces of demand and supply thrives, but also as a drive to using the fusion of Cryptographic Token, E-commerce, Socio-Media and Advertisement as the main vehicle to achieve the task of growing and building an economy and ecosystem that has the concepts of transparency and empowerment at the core of its founding and guiding principles. 

KXM users, merchants, procurement agents, facilitators and employees have been working together to build a better e-commerce, socio-media and advertising network; one that’s capable of enabling opportunity and hope for the masses; one that’s committed to caring, sustainability and fairness.      

As a entity, KXM is focused on building a sustainable monetization model that does not compromise user’s interest and gain, and is both fair and open. Rather than the usual approach of attempting to keep users on for longer and longer periods of time, milking them to maximize profit, KXM has organized its Ecosystem around maximizing and extending economic value back to its users/customers.

You probably may be a member of one of these popular social-media/video/news sites and certainly do not get anything in return for/from them; despite them making so much money from your being a part of the traffic they monetize.

We are building a platform for reward-based e-commerce, advertising, socio-media and an open source cryptographic token, named KXM-Token (KC), to run it. 

Meet KXM. It’s where brands meet customers who actually want them in their lives. 

KXM will bring customers two things they don’t get today; relevant marketing that is actually connected to what they care about, and a share in the value they bring to a brand or retailer. We are changing the paradigm in business: the customer is not the target anymore, but rather a partner to be rewarded for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

With the adoption of the grass-root “word of mouth” approach as the recommended method for our members to reach out to every family/Household globally, by inviting them to become members of KXM,  and instead of investing millions of Dollars trying to reach the customers by advertising on platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram and the likes, we decided to give it back by establishing  our own means to reward as many people who will actively participate in this call for “grass-root outreach” to consciously populate the KXM community globally; by extending “Shopping Limits” as well as an opportunity to shop at the” KXM Online Stores”, for exclusive items with free Vouchers to the tune of $150. All these; just to establish and spread joy in the hearts and lives of our customers; for a happy customer, will tell it to the people around them – smart advertising (by word of mouth) in disguise.

Participants are welcomed from all over the world.

Are you interested in being a member/customer on the KXM Platform? then get in touch with us for more details at:


Join us on telegram: t.me/kxmecosystem