How it Works

To get Started, You must do the following:

1. Create your buyer account by signing up here ==>

2. Verify your email by clicking the verification link sent to you.

3. Use your login details in the onlinestores to login in here:

4. Fund your KC wallet with KC and ETH for gas fees.

5. Pay for your non-refundable access fee of $20 worth of KC.

6. Do your KYC Verification and get approved. Acceptable documents are:  (International Passport, Driver's License, Voters card, National Identity Card). Anyone government approved i.d card.

7. As soon as you have done step 1-6, you're qualified to shop with a free voucher worth $120.


Subsequently, after 30 days i:e every month, you only need to renew your monthly non-refundable access fee for you to access our sites and shop freely over and over every other month for exclusive items at the KXM Online Stores